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DVD Reveiw: Kundalini Yoga - Ana Brett & Ravi Singh

Kundalini Yoga With Ana Brett and Ravi Singh is a fun way to get into shape quickly while connecting to your divine potential.

Our primary objective", say Ana & Ravi, "is to help people learn to live a healthy and happy, more peaceful life that continues to challenge them to grow. We teach a system of exercise and meditation that fully integrates the body, mind, and spirit."

Husband and wife team, Ana Brett and Ravi Singh have a lot of charm and positivity that they share in their Kundalini Yoga DVD's. They have a way of making yoga fun, while still keeping it spiritual, authentic and effective. Many western yoga DVD's strip all the spirituality out, leaving only bleached exercises designed to get your body into shape alone. Ravi and Ana are concerned with the health of the spirit, the mind, the emotions and the body. Moderations are given for the exercises so you can increase your practice with time, allowing the DVD's to be ideal for yogi's of all levels. Powerful and addictive, Ravi & Ana's kundalini yoga is an easy way to get into shape quickly, while helping to connect you to your divine potential.

Kundalini Yoga

Yoga was originally considered a preparation technique for the inner evolution and outer transformation known as Kundalini. Kundalini is a creative, motivating force within that empowers us to excel in all things.

Kundalini yoga is a specific style of yoga for developing character, strength and consciousness. Known as the yoga of awareness, kundalini yoga focuses on exercises that expand sensory awareness and intuition.

A spiritual, physical, and mental discipline, kundalini yoga blends the science of sequence, movement, chanting, breathing, stretching and meditation. Kundalini yoga is more about the the power of breathing than concentrating on difficult exercises.

A unique element to this yoga is the breath of fire, a steady, in and out forceful breath through the nose, combined with specific positions and stretches, which provides an aerobic effect. The breath of fire oxygenates and purifies the bloodstream, stimulates the nadis and other energy flows in the body, stimulates the pituitary gland and helps bring all of the glands into balance and strengthens the magnetic field of the body.

Meet Ana Brett & Ravi Singh

These two soul mates have authored over 22 DVD’s and books. Together they have trained over 300 practicing kundalini yoga teachers. Their clients have included Olympic Athletes and celebrities such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, The Red Hot Chile Peppers and Sting. The beautiful Ana Brett appears to get younger with age, perhaps an effect of the kundalini yoga that she practices on a daily basis. With 40 years combined teaching experience they continue to travel and teach workshops, conferences and retreats worldwide. They come across as knowledgeable and sincere both in person and in the DVDs.

  • Ideal for yogi's of all levels
  • Modern, hip and fun
  • Ana Brett is a fashion savvy doll, demonstrating the exercises with precision and poise
  • Moderations are given for the exercises
  • Exercises help to expand your consciousness
  • Works amazingly quick, getting you into shape
  • Easy to follow
  • Nice soundtrack
  • Full body workout
  • Educational: Learn the purpose of the exercise as you are doing them
  • Sonic healing to the transcendent sounds of live gong music
  • Uplifting chants
  • Powerful affirmations
  • Learn from internationally celebrated yoga teachers
  • Kundalini yoga is not for everyone.

All of the kundalini yoga DVD's by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh utilize creative, intelligent sequencing. The yoga workouts are easy to follow and pleasant to listen to. Ana and Ravi take turns with the narration, lacing the dialogue with inspiring positive affirmations. The signature kundalini breath of fire interweaves in and out throughout the DVD's, taking turns with long and deep breathing.

Ana & Ravi’s in-depth knowledge of physical anatomy and its metaphysical counterparts spill into the DVD's, keeping things interesting no matter how many times you do the workouts. The unique blend of breathing, inner focus, stretching, meditation, and chanting keep the the DVD's moving in a relaxed, yet exciting way. They are thorough workouts that keep true to traditional kundalini yoga with a modern, hip and colorful makeover.

My Experience

Kundalini Yoga with Ravi & Ana is without question, the best yoga workouts I have ever done in my life. I have a collection of over 50 yoga videos on my shelf and although I enjoy most of them not one compares to the Ravi & Ana collection - not one. These two love birds have an hour of my day, nearly every morning. My day just would not be the same without kundalini yoga.

There are days that I choose not do do an entire video. On these days I will either do a video until I intuitively feel I am done for the day or I will choose to do ten minutes in order to keep this good habit alive.

To me I look at Ravi an Ana's DVDs as a way of being good to myself. By doing these yoga workouts everyday it sends a message of self-love to the world, along with starting my day off right. I actually look forward to doing kundalini yoga when I wake up in the morning.

I have a lot a strength and flexibility from practicing kundalini yoga daily. My body responds very quickly to these workouts.

When I am feeling a little down I turn on an Ana and Ravi DVD, even if I choose not to actually participate, and it cheers me up every time. The music, narrative and beauty that Ana resonates from the inside-out, creates an environment that is uplifting and inspiring.

Final Thoughts

Overall I find all of Ravi and Ana's yoga workouts to be valuable. I enjoy the positivity of the narrative, the soundtrack and the demonstration of the exercises by Ana. The Ravi & Ana collection is fun to watch and listen to even if you do not actually participate.

The suggested retail price for the DVDs is $19.95. If you buy directly from Ravi and Ana you will save 20% on most items. Amazon also has great deals on these DVDs.

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    1. There are many, just YouTube is wonderful, also Google in free yoga videos, and it will take you to many free sites. Namaste