Sunday, October 28, 2012

Three Minute Egg® Yogi Meal Starter Kit Review

Three Minute Egg® Yogi Meal Starter Kit Review  

Our aura is egg shaped ... and now so are yoga props.  Taking the place of traditional square yoga blocks, the Three Minute Egg® can do everything they can do plus much more. 

The Three Minute Egg®  is basically a traditional block that has had its corners rounded into an oval shape, making it possible to use them many different ways.  Ergonomically designed, they contour the body ... comfortable to use.

The creator of the Three Minute Egg®, Jason Scholder stumbled into this innovative yoga and health tool when trying to eliminate some of his back pain.  The yoga community has been eating omelets ever since, adding dimensions never before possible to their yoga practice.

Extremely versatile, the Three Minute Egg® props are useful in different ways for everyone, accommodating the unique needs of each person.  For myself I enjoy stretching my upper back and using the eggs to help with more difficult, challenging asanas.  My husband uses them to remedy his sore back often and finds them comforting, relaxing and effective in aligning his vertebrae.  They have an endless amount of uses and I find them to be very valuable in my own home practice.  If you are dealing with issues like arthritis, carpel tunnel and other aches and pains in general they help a lot.

The Three Minute Egg® Yogi Meal Starter Kit comes with 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs (harder eggs), 4 Namasteggs (softer, original style egg), the Special Edition Alignment & Flow DVD, and a backpack.

Highly recommended! 

Teachers love them too ... a great addition to the yogi's tool chest.

Price: $119.00

  • 30-day Satisfaction guarantee full refund, minus all shipping costs
  • Lots of beautiful colors to choose from
  • Fun
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Yoga teachers around the world love them
  • Innovative
  • Effective
  • ...

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