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Gifts For Yogis - Product Reviews, An encouraging gift list to keep the yoga fire lit and support a yogic lifestyle.

Release your inner self, your original self ... the joyful magic of an unguarded spirit ... with yoga ...

Gifts For Yogis - Product Reviews

... my hands are in prayer position as I bow to you ... meaning the divine spark within me recognizes the divine spark within you.  This is a gesture of deep respect.   Namaste has a spiritual significance of negating or reducing one's ego in the presence of another ... something that alone could make the world a more peaceful and better place to live. 

Originally from India and dating back nearly 6,000 years, yoga has stood the test of time and has been used by many all over the world.  Yoga has been known to have a big effect on someone's life, bringing the mind and body into harmony and healing on all levels.  The popularity of this spiritual, physical and mental discipline is spreading and yoga is blossoming all around the world.  Defined as a moving meditation, yoga literally translates from Sanskrit meaning "to yoke" or  "of union".  The yogi will eventually realize their true nature and the oneness of all.

The health claims of yoga seam to have no end.  Name a problem and it is likely that yoga could help bring the body and mind into a healthy state, safe to call a "cure-all".  I began practicing years ago - detoxifying my body and mind, messaging my inner organs and breathing in a way that gave me greater control over the body that serves my spirit.  Happiness flooded my home and life took on a deeper calm, as I felt more at peace with myself and my world ... leading to better problem solving skills and decision making and overall vitality. 

Yoga is known to increase emotional well-being, increase flexibility, improve the posture, significantly reduce stress and stress responses, increase concentration levels, relieve lower back pain and numerous other various biochemical and physiological benefits.  It also helps to consciously connect to divinity and form a relationship with God ... Sold Yet?

A few years ago I began sharing the many gifts that yoga has given me to my family and friends, expressing a deep desire that they begin yoga as well.  When someone complained about a problem I would calmly suggest yoga.  I am so happy to say that I have now more yogi's in my life.  My love for yoga convinced them to give it a try, while their own great experiences with yoga turned them into regular practitioners ... Hurrayyyy!  This led to better conversations at holidays and get-togethers, along side an increased amount of fun when buying the yogi's and yogini's in my life Christmas and birthday gifts that inspire them to keep practicing and loving life.  The yogic lifestyle is bliss ...

I have personally reviewed every item on this gift list and am excited to share them with you.  Every single one of these make a great gift for your loved one's who practice or are interested in beginning a yoga routine.  They also make great gifts for yourself ... of course!  As yoga therapy becomes more and more popular, keep yourself inspired by having some great gear to keep you there ... These are the products that the more you learn about them, the more you like them ... Enjoy ... Sat Nam! 

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat Review (3/16")

If you are going to purchase a yoga mat this is one of the best ... teachers use it everywhere.

Made from rubber from a rubber tree, the Jade Yoga Mat is as natural as they come and they smell good (at least I think so), unlike the chemical laden scent that many synthetic mats carry.  The Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is the first all natural rubber mat to hit the market.  This environmentally friendly yoga mat has exceptional performance capabilities ... great for all styles of yogic practices.  The Jade Haromony Mat is excellent even during sweaty yoga sessions, providing supreme grip and stability.  It has a superior non-slip ability, as natural rubber grips better than synthetic, and is cushiony and comfortable.  JadeYoga mats are top selling yoga mats, made from sustainable, natural rubber and without a trace of any ozone depleting substances, toxic PVC or synthetic rubber.  These mats are safe for you, the earth and future generations to come. 

The use of natural materials for the practice of asanas and meditation is important because it is said to create a deeper connection to the earth.  This is my favorite yoga mat by far.

Price: $69.95

  • Non-Slip
  • Durable
  • Made in the United States
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Great traction
  • Available in two lengths - 68" and 74"
  • Large selection of colors to choose from
  • Optimum Grip
  • Born from trees, natural rubber is a renewable resource
  • JadeYoga supports many causes and non profits  
  • No PVC or other synthetic rubbers (PVC, PER, TPE, EVA)
  • Comfortable
  • Rubber scent (natural and light, although not everyone may like it)
  • Plant a tree for every mat sold through a partnership with Trees for the Future
  • Does not contain heavy metals or ozone depleting substances
  • Those with latex allergies should avoid this mat because natural rubber may contain latex ... 99% latex free

YogaPro yogatoes® Review,  The ORIGINAL Toe Stretcher

My family and myself have found yogatoes® to be addictive ... quickly comforting and realigning misbehaving toes and soothing tired, beat-up feet.

When practicing the discipline of yoga the yogi quickly learns the importance of the feet, our body's foundation and source of mobility. The importance of the feet cannot be underestimated.  They are our connection and roots to our great mother earth. Our feet can keep us grounded and balanced.  The feet are also important in balancing the first chakra because first chakra nadis flow from the tailbone down the legs into the feet.  It is crucial to take good care of your feet ... to love your feet in order to keep the connection to Mother Earth clear and strong, thus increasing happiness and well-being.  Yogatoes®  help with maintaining foot health and a miriad of troubles, while preventing any further problems from occurring.  They message, stretch and strengthen toes ... You can literally see the difference.

My naughty toe is nicknamed "the misbehavior", a hammertoe that is developing on my left foot.  "The misbehavior" hurts as he leans over, afraid to be a inter-dependent being ... my hammertoe chooses to be co-dependent with his buddy next door ... YogaToes corrected this problem.  They work well and quickly ... a joy to where, especially with the yogatoes®  Deluxe Massagers ($14.95).  The massagers attach to the yogatoes®  and vibrate ... pure heaven.  You can use YogaToes® and the delux messagers in the hot tub, foot bath and bathtub because both are safe in water. 

Yogatoes® are suppose to help with posture, realignment of the foot structure, circulation and the appearance of the feet.  Yogatoes®  exercise and stretch your toes without doing anything more than putting them on  ... You can freeze them or warm them up for added comfort and healing capabilities.  Great relief for tired feet. 

Everyone who has used them in my circle really like yogatoes®  ... They make great gifts for everyone!

Price: $39.95

  • Made in the USA
  • Doctor Recommended, Endorsed by foot doctors who suggest them to their patients
  • Soft, flexible and durable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Made with medical grade gel
  • Help to treat and prevent varicose veins, poor circulation, hammertoes, bunions, corns and fatigue
  • Easy to use
  • Warm them up or breeze them
  • Custom Sizes for a Perfect Fit
  • BPA & Latex Free
  • Cannot walk around while wearing them

YogaPro Batik Eye Pillow Review

Eye pillows make great gifts for everyone that you know.  They are well-received, especially by yogi's, people who meditate, pregnant women, new moms and new dads, travelers or anyone that you want to encourage to relax more.

Eye pillows, also known as dream pillows and yoga eye pillows are the epitome of pampering.  The gentle weight of the pillow is just enough pressure to soothe the eyes and the scent brings more joyful mindfulness into a moment of rest and relaxation.  Eyes often hold lots of stress, fatigue and tiredness.  The simple act of using a yoga eye pillow during mediation or relaxation can have dramatic effects.  They are also said to work for those troubled by nightmares. 

Everyone loves eye pillows, at least that is the case in my circle.  Being without an eye pillow for us is like being without a pillow for the head ... it is important.  Prices vary when it comes to yoga eye pillows and when I saw that that YogaPro carried eye pillows for only $5 I had to try them.  Even if you make your own eye pillows the material and ingredients will cost more ... What a deal, if they are nice anyhow.  So I eagerly awaited ... and the verdict .... The YogaPro Batik Eye Pillow is nice.  I am going to buy a bunch of them as Christmas gifts this year.  I was pleased with the Batik.

This is a 100% cotton, purple eye pillow that has a subtle, yet comforting scent to it.  It is said to be lavender scented although I really do not smell any lavender.  Instead it has a light, sweet healing scent.  If you like you can put essential oil around the edge of the fabric as desired.  You can freeze this eye pillow for added relief.  I have seen similar products selling for over fifteen dollars ... quite a deal!

Price: $5.00

  • Made in USA
  • Great Price
  • Freezer friendly
  • Nice scent
  • Pretty purple
  • Always exercise caution if you have known allergies.
  • Only available in purple

YogaPro Siesta Eye Pillow Review

This lush, silky satin eye pillow is made from high quality materials and ingredients in the United States.  It contains a "secret" blend of aromatic herbs that have aromatherapy benefits.  The scent is quite pleasant.  The directions suggest to use this eye pillow after it has been in the freezer, as cold therapy for best results.  It remains therapeutically cold for over twenty minutes.   It comfortably blocks out light and smells so wonderful as it warms up.  This eye pillow helps me fall asleep, even if I have a headache. When I use it for my afternoon twenty minute rest and meditation it helps me fall deeper into relaxation and when I remove it my eyes feel so pampered and loved.  I found this eye pillow to be heavenly ... and at $5.00 it is a bargain and a half.  I will be purchasing these for everyone I know who does not have an eye pillow.  Perfect for natural and safe pain relief.  Highly recommend!

Price: $5.00


  • Premium Quality
  • Made in USA
  • Great Price
  • Freezer friendly
  • No toxic chemicals, liquids or gels
  • Colors may vary, No color selection available
  • If you have any eye conditions talk to your doctor

Beinjoy AQUA Mat & Love Cushion Set Review

A beautifully elegant, embossed yoga mat and cushion set that is earth loving, stylish, cushiony and effective.  Designed to give you the best yoga experience possible, this set is sure to strike up conversation if you are new in class.  Beinjoy, established in 2006, has created a unique, high quality yoga mat that is functional and gorgeous ... inspiring me to want to do more yoga with it's grace and charm.  One look at this set will create a desire to practice just to spend some time with this loving duo. 

Made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) this mat is safe if you are sensitive to latex and cannot use natural rubber.  TPE is easy to recycle, PVC free and latex free.  This designer mat and cushion are super thick and cushiony.  The Aqua Mat has a Koi swimming through flowing water with the word Harmony etched into it, the cushion has the word love.  I have never seen anything like them in all my life ... I am afraid to get them dirty.

The mat measures approximately 72”x24”x0.19” and it is 5mm thick, almost like having two mats and gluing them together.  If you like thick mats this one will make you happy.  I like to take it camping and sleep on it ... it is that soft.  It has a center line for proper alignment of the asanas, is light and easy to carry, has a pleasant & sticky surface and superior traction and grip. 

Both the cushion and the mat come with pretty ties to keep them rolled up.  This makes a great gift that has the potential to bring out the inner yogi in your loved ones or keep them on the yogic path.

Price:  $62.00

  • Exclusive rippled-wave texture
  • Eco-friendly
  • Latex free
  • Non-PVC
  • Easy and light to carry
  • Center line guide to help align the pose
  • Reasonably priced
  • Unique designer appearance
  • Extra cushion (protects elbows, knees etc.)
  • It is so pretty that I am afraid to use it.
  • If you want a natural mat, this one is not for you ... although it is safe for those with latex allergies!

yogitoes® Mat-Size Peacock rSkidless® Yoga Towel Review (24" x 68")

The first thing that I thought when I saw this towel was "Gorgeous" and once you see one you will know why. 

Where to begin ... Maybe with my dream the other night ... In my dream I was in what appeared to be heaven, although rather than being the way you see it depicted in books and movies it was vibrant and alive with color.  There were cupcakes that were vivid and smelled delicious, beautiful in ways that are difficult to describe.  Cotton candy of every variety imaginable took the place of clouds and you could eat it if you desired.  It felt peaceful and all the troubles or problems in my mind immediately had solutions and better yet, I understood the purpose in my life. In my dream there were stacks of the rSkidless® yoga towels ... they fit in perfectly.

The rSkidless® yoga towel is a must-have.  Designed to be layered on top of any existing yoga mat, the yogitoes® rSkidless® yoga towel is a super absorbent, hygienic layer to place on your yoga mat that prevents slipping.  It comes in an array of absolutely beautiful styles and colors, perfect for every kind of yoga.  The silicone dots grip the underside of the towel keeping it from bunching up or sliding around.

If you need to use someone else yoga mat or worse yet a communal mat, the rSkidless® will allow you to create a hygienic and clean place to practice.  It absorbs sweat and actually works better the more you sweat because maximum grip is obtained from a slightly damp towel.  These towels are especially useful and popular with people who practice Ashtanga, Bikram and any other hot yoga because you are going to be sweating a lot during the practice.

No other yoga towels even come close to this one.  Highly recommended ...

Price: $64.00

  • Dots that grip so you don’t slip™ – patented design
  • Stays in place
  • Dyes are heavy metal/azo/lead free
  • Made from about 8 recycled plastic bottles
  • 100% silicone nubs
  • 50% recycled polyester, 40% new polyester, 10% nylon
  • yogitoes® gives 1% of sales to mindful organizations that foster human and environmental wellness
  • Sustainable
  • Machine washable
  • Eco friendly
  • Dark colors may bleed in the wash (see directions for proper care)

Ana Brett & Ravi Singh 3 DVD Set Review (Kundalini Yoga Cardio, Stretch, & Strengthen, Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: Stretch, Strengthen, Be Stress Free and Kundalini Yoga for Energy & Super Radiance)

My initial inspiration behind my path of yoga was a DVD my husband surprised me with by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh many years ago.  I have been practicing and talking yoga ever since ...  I continue to explore different yoga styles, using DVD's in my home studio and I always return to Ana and Ravi ... No yoga DVD's compare!

Before reading any further, Please read my review from earlier this year ... DVD Reveiw: Kundalini Yoga - Ana Brett & Ravi Singh  

One thing that I really love about these three Ana & Ravi Yoga DVD's is the ability to create your own workout with a mix and match matrix option.  Each DVD is 90 minutes long and this gives you a lot of options when it comes to a customized workout. 

All of Ravi & Ana's DVD's are positive, upbeat, spiritual and effective, laced with deep wisdom and love.  These DVD's are quick to get you in shape - mind, body and spirit. The music is beautiful, the directions are easy to follow and the entire feel is relaxing, yet intense.  All three of these DVD's can be done (with the help of the matrix) by the beginner or the seasoned yogi. 

This set makes a great gift because the DVD's covers so much.  You will never get bored because each DVD allows you to create your own custom workout.

Price: $44.90

Yoga Quick Fixes and House Call Bundle Review

If I had to pick a favorite from this list, this healing bundle easily wins.  These DVD's specifically address the yoga posture that will heal common ailments experienced during the ride of life ... Healing happens while alignment of the chakras takes place and harmony is restored on all levels.  These ancient techniques are presented in an easy and pleasurable way to help with an array of health concerns from heart health to fertility.  Both DVD's are fabulous, a must-have for every yogi's collection.  The great thing about these DVD's is that they are customizable workouts for your own unique health concerns. 

Yoga works like a magic potion, something the saints and medicine healers have always known.  Ana & Ravi have put together two invaluable Kundalini yoga guides that can act as a daily dose of yoga, mediation or as therapy to a particular ailment or concern ... Purely amazing!  I could not live without this set of DVD's nor the duo behind them ... Much gratitude!

Price: $31.95

Vapur® Reflex Review

The Vapur® Anti-Bottle® is an ultra-durable reusable water container that is unlike any other water bottle on the market ... futuristic, yet in-sync with this changing Aquarian Age. This revolutionary patented water bottle is foldable, making it easy to carry and saves you from toting around the bulk space like normal water bottles do or worse yet tossing them and contributing to the plastic crisis that our earth is currently facing.  It stands upright when full and rolls, folds or flattens when empty. The Vapur Reflex also uses less energy to make and transport than rigid bottles. The versatility and efficiency reduces space and waste.  Vapur® Anti-Bottle® is genius, an answer to a global prayer.

Every year, 200 billion bottles of water are consumed globally and only about 12% off these will be recycled.  The rest end up in landfills where it takes a thousand years to decompose into toxins.  Another concern is the oil used annually to produce single-use water bottles.  It is enough to fuel 1.5 million cars for a year.

One person can do so much simply making purposeful drinking choices!

This is one bottle that you will not be able to live without ... once you have a taste.  Speaking of taste ... the water tastes great in the Vapur® Anti-Bottle®.  It is made with an antimicrobial lining with durable 3-ply construction and is completely BPA-free.  The inner layer is taste, odor, and stain resistant, so it can safely be reused again and again.  You can freeze them if you wish and wash them in the dishwasher.  Super durable, the Vapur® Anti-Bottle® will stand up to the elements and to time.  It has a clip on it also so you can attach it so you are sure not to lose it.  There is a variety of beautiful designs and colors so there is one for everyone, even the little one's.  You can even get a cute sweater for you Vapur®.  Stylish and functional the Vapur® sweater keeps beverages cool, protects, insulates and is sweat-wicking so it keeps your bottle dry. 

Founded in 2009, Vapur®  (based in California) is committed to the planet and donates a portion of all sales to the environment.  From design and manufacturing, to shipping and distribution, right through to consumer use, the environment is considered throughout each step of the Anti-Bottle® life cycle.  Vapur was awarded the 2010 FPA Silver Award for Sustainability & Environmental Achievement.

Vapur® is working with campuses, state and national parks throughout the United States to help reduce waste by installing the Vapur Refill system, making it easy to get a refill of safe drinking water.

This collapsible hydration container is perfect for yoga class, music festivals, outdoor sports, camping, school and everywhere in-between.  You will soon see these everywhere ... in Hollywood, at concerts and festivals, professional sports and at schools across the globe. 

The ultimate companion, they make great gifts!

Price: $9.99

  • Award winning
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Freezable
  • BPA-free
  • Ultra-durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Vapur contributes a portion of all sales to water-related and environmental causes
  • Attachable
  • Phthalate-free
  • One year warranty
  • Convenient
  • Counterfeits on the market (Visit

Barefoot Yoga's Original Mysore Practice Rug  Review (Masala)

When I received the Barefoot Yoga Mysore Practice Rug it reminded me of a magic carpet and in a way ... it is.  This magic carpet can take you to the moon if you are on it long enough ...

Handcrafted and woven in India with 100% cotton exclusively for the Barefoot Yoga Company, the Mysore Practice Rug is eco-friendly, natural, soft and functional.  It will absorb perspiration and help to maintain your poses without slipping. It is popular in the more sweat-producing yoga styles such as Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Power yoga, Bikram yoga and all forms of hot yoga. Practice rugs are widely used in yoga classes in Mysore, India where Ashtanga yoga is taught. 

The rug itself is beautiful and earthy, multi-colored with stripes of rust, wine, grey, sage and black.  It is 28" wide x 74" long x 1/8" thick, the perfect size to practice on and is really easy to wash.  You can wash it after each yoga session and always have a clean, hygienic rug to practice on. The price of this rug is quite reasonable.  You can place it over a sticky mat if you are looking for more cushion.  I like to use this rug while practicing outdoors.  Then when I have finished I simply throw it in the wash on cold and hang it to dry.

These are the kind of rugs they use in Mysore, India to practice on and they are made in India, the birthplace of yoga ... giving them a really strong authenticity and added high vibration. 

Price: $41.00

  • The original
  • Made in Mysore, India
  • Reasonably priced
  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable 
  • Easy to wash
  • PVC free
  • Ideal surface for Ashtanga yoga
  • Colors and designs are limited

Chakra Healing Zone Review, David & Steve Gordon

Hypnotic and healing, Chakra Healing Zone will quickly emerge you into a deluge of serenity and peace.  This compilation has some of the best new age musicians of our time, working together and in harmony to align the interior stars within and the rainbow bridge that unites heaven and earth.

Including music from Sophia, David & Steve Gordon and Robin Silver ...

Everyone who has ever heard this CD has commented on it.  Everyone loves it.  It creates an atmosphere that is warm, safe and loving. 

A mystical and magical experience for the soul, adding dimension and depth to a yoga or meditation practice. 

Price:  $16.98

Shaman's Vision Journey Review, David & Steve Gordon

The award winning musicians David & Steve Gordon have made it easy to fall into a meditative trance and meditation with this CD.  The music will lead you deeper than you ever been before.  Rattles, flutes, synthesizers, drums, guitars and chants dance and play, inviting the listener to slow down, relax and enter into the theta brain state, connecting to the spirit world.

You can feel the effects of this musical medicine immediately ... Life's problems and troubles dissolve and only truth of purity and heart remain.  The clouded mind, no longer fogged with illusion, begins to see clearly. 

This is a great tool for mediation and yoga, a favorite in my collection.

Price:  $16.98

The Herb Peddlers Review

I found this really great family-owned and operated company in Lake Elsinore, California, to purchase all sorts of delicious, hand-crafted products for the mind, body and spirit.

These are the products that will be on every yogis gift list, once they taste them.

I have tried several of the Herb Peddlers Products: Tuberose Goats Milk Lotion ($19.99), Minty Clay Mask ($16.99) and three of the Spiritual Sprays ($16.99) - Wake-up Spray, Center Yourself Spray and Sage In A Bottle Spray.  You can tell by the scent of these products alone that they are pure, karmicly-blessed products. 

For starts The Herb Peddlers Mission statement rocks ...
"We believe in human beings.  We believe in being of service.  We believe in treating people, animals, and Mother Earth the way we want to be treated.  We believe in NOT testing on animals.  We believe in creating natural products. We believe in excellent customer service.  We believe in exceeding expectations.  We believe in a Spiritual way of life and embracing all people. We believe in creating a long lasting and fulfilling relationship with our customers.  We believe God, The Universe, Angels, and other supernatural forces including Superheroes."

The Spiritual Sprays can be used during yoga, meditation, on the body, as a sheet spray or in your sacred space.  They smell amazing.  My favorite, from the three that I tried, is the Center Yourself Spray.  These sprays take me back to the days when I worked at the local metaphysical shop.  The shop was filled with herbs, oils and good vibes and had a delicious scent like these sprays.  I am completely hooked on these sprays and I highly recommend them.

The Minty Clay Mask works great on my skin, giving it a nice clean and fresh glow. 

The Tuberose Goats Milk Lotion is one of my husbands favorite lotion and trust me I use the best of best.  I am testing and reviewing lotions and potions from around the world regularly.  It might as well be award winning when he compliments me on one above the rest!  It is a white, nourishing lotion with a sweet rose and honey scent that lasts for quite some time on my skin. 

  • Never test on animals
  • 10% of total purchase goes to Project Moral Compass Inc.
  • Excellent customer service
  • All natural ingredients in every product
  • Reasonably priced
  •  More products please ...

Yoga Moods Review, Sequoia Groove

This relaxing, ambient soundscape is an uplifting mix of down tempo/global electronica chill tracks and lounge grooves that has been compiled by yoga teacher, Beth Shaw and mixed by Sequoia's Steve Gordon and David Gordon.

Yoga Moods is played in yoga studios across the world.  My friend is a yoga teacher and she is always listening to Yoga Moods with her class.

Included in this collection is music by the legendary sound magicians David & Steve Gordon, Achillea, Jens Gad Presents and Althea W.

This CD compliments any yoga practice.  Highly recommended!

Price: $16.98

Sound Peace Review, David & Steve Gordon

This is hands down one of my favorite mediation albums.  My husband even likes this one, and he is quite picky when it comes to his music preferences.  I enjoy this album the most with my yoga practice, above any others I have in my collection. 

David & Steve Gordon are masters when it comes to creating rich soundscapes that take the listener to deep levels of tranquility and peace.  There is something very special about their music and about them.  In this 25th Anniversary Collection these Billboard-charting New Age and chillout recording artists show the world how its done.

Over thirty years ago David and Steve were inspired by the peacefulness of the nature sounds within Sequoia National Park and created the music label Sequoia Records. 

I have given this album as a gift many times, with many joyful expressions of gratitude given after.  This is one album that is well received by everyone.

If it sounds familiar, chances are you have heard it already - Very popular, especially in yoga classes and spas.

Price:  $16.98

Music For The Mindful Brain, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson Review

This six CD set is a tool to help you meditate, perfect for yoga sessions or simply to relax.

Dr Jeffrey Thompson has been exploring methods of directly affecting states of consciousness and brainwave patterns for over thirty years.  It is difficult not to be relaxed and fall into meditation when listening to any one of these CDs.  Each CD is designed to affect brainwave patterns. 

Musician and composer, Dr. Thompson is recognized as a worldwide expert in the field of acoustic pacing frequencies incorporated into musical sound tracks. Thompson has been studying the science of sound since the 80's. He has established a method for using modulated sound-pulses for changing states of consciousness.

Each of these CDs is unique and effective: Theta Meditation, Theta Mediation 2.0, Gamma Meditation, Gamma Mediation 2.0, Meditative Ocean and Meditative Rainforest.

My favorite is the Mediative Rainforest CD, a field recording of the Sri Lankan forest at night.  This CD centers and grounds me immediately.  If you cannot get out into the woods or nature, this CD makes it possible to bring nature to you.

Highly recommended ... You won't be disappointed.

Price: $39.98

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with Kino MacGregor DVD Review

KIno MacGregor rocks the mat in this inspiring and at times intimidating Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series DVD.

Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga popularized in the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009), which he began to practice at age 12 in Mysore, India.

Ashtanga means eight limbs in Sanskrit, which refers to the eight limbs of yoga laid out in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures in a flowing Vinyasa style.  This process producing intense internal heat and purifying sweat that detoxifies the organs and muscles.  Power yoga and vinyasa yoga are generic terms that may refer to any type of vigorous yoga exercise derived from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Kino Macgregor is an international yoga teacher, the youngest woman of a select group of people to recieve certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.  She is the co-founder of Miami Life Center where she teaches with her husband.

Beautiful, wise, fashionable and graceful, Kino is a rare gem among the growing number of yoga teachers in the West.  Watching her inspires me to devote myself deeper into my yogic practices.  In this 90 minute DVD, Kino demonstrates yoga as she was taught in Mysore, India.  This DVD is perfect for a home practice.  It has specific instructions, Sanskrit posture names and Sanskrit vinyasa counts.

Her style of teaching is modern, yet traditional ... a trusted source of authentic Ashtanga yoga.  She is amazing, making the asanas look effortless ... beginner options available!

This DVD is like having your very own yogi guru, teaching you traditional yoga, with a modern twist ... your own guide to awakening Shakti ...

Price: $25.00


  • Authentic
  • Speaks in Sanskrit
  • Intense
  • Beginner options available
  • Laced with wisdom
  • Intimidating at first watch and although beginner options are available, I found it difficult to learn this style yoga from this DVD

Eye Pillow Company Lavender & Rose Eye Pillow Review

I can never have enough eye pillows, especially cute ones.

The eye pillow company has unique designed eye pillows that will charm your socks right off.

Every eye pillow is hand sewn, using fabric that is chosen specifically to make quality relaxation eye pillows.  They are filled with quality flax seed and herbs so you can relax and trust that you are getting the best.  This entire company is devoted to eye pillows ... reasonably priced, lots of designs, great quality. 

These are gorgeous eye pillows and they make great gifts.  There is a style for everyone.  You can even have your own logo printed on them.  Perfect for yoga, meditation or to simply relax ... and look good doing so!

Price: Around $19.95  (Prices vary depending on design)

  • Made in America
  • High Quality
  • Smell delightful
  • Comforting
  • Cute designs
  • Fabric chosen specifically for eye pillows
  • Scent eventually fades over time

Kino Be Strong T-shirts Review

This sexy, form fitting, 100% cotton girlie tee allows you to voice your Love of Yoga with pride and remind yourself to Be Strong at all times.  Super soft and comfy, you can where it during practice or on a hot date. 

From Kino Yoga, other styles and saying available.

Price: $35.00

  • 100% cotton
  • Comfortable
  • Super Cute
  • A reminder that Girls Are Tough


  • Not all sizes available
  • Colors are limited

Kino Pro Mat Review

Most traditional yoga mats are an excellent surface for practice, although made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride).  The Kino Pro Mat is made with 90% non-toxic PVC and 10% polyester mesh and contains no toxic chemicals.

This mat is good for all types of yoga, especially popular with Ashtanga Yoga practices.  It has a slip-resistant surface and remains consistently firm and flat on all floor types. It has an excellent non-sticky grip.  The Kino Pro Mat will last a long time, as it is extremely durable.  The texture is comfortable and I feel very grounded when I practice on it. It is possible to practice some of the most challenging asanas, without worry about slipping or sliding around.

High performance, tough and long lasting ... 

Price: $65.00

  • Latex-free
  • Durable
  • Excellent grip
  • Variety of cool colors
  • Does not contain any toxic, harmful chemicals
  • Excellent for even the most difficult asana postures 


  • Made with PVC, although non-toxic ...
  • Not Biodegradable
  • PVC is difficult to recycle
  • Not environment friendly 
  • If you want a natural mat, this one is not for you ... although it is safe for those with latex allergies! 
  • Expensive for a PVC mat 

In Closing,

Yoga is a great way to restore your mind, body and spirit ... whether you practice regularly or just every once in a while ... pass it on!

Posted by Angel


  1. Thanks Angel. This is a great list. i love the into, it would be great if i could get my family to join my yoga enthusiasm. it beats listening to there complaining - LOL!!!!

    YOur blog llooks great, colorful, pleasent. you put a lot of work into it and it shows. i can really feel the positive vibes when i visit, especially when i read your words - very inspiring and encouraging.

  2. kundalini yoga is my favorite. I met ana brett a few years ago and she is so kind and pretty.

  3. great list, beautiful blog, esp. like the different types of yoga mats and the rug option. also variety of styles too

  4. thanks angel, great ideas. been tryin to get my mom to practice and i bought her a few things to help push her in the right direction.